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The Wooden Ocean

Giant open RPG set in a strange world · By lianderson


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4.2.3 Misc
2/11/2020 v4.2.3 Misc New Features: Last level partially in. New super boss added. (after killing poet of paint, talk to the cat in southern katis) Expanded vic...
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4.2.2 Respec
1/16/2020 v4.2.2 Respec New Features: Skill Respec is now in. (go to the statue near your mines when you're at least tech level 3) Created a new track for some...
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4.2.1 Makeover
12/27/2019 v4.2.1 Makeover New Features: Replaced and created 10 new songs. Misc: Fixed some graphical issues...
4.2 Makeover
12/18/2019 v4.2 Makeover New Features: Improved color palette. (the game now has more blue, purple, and teal throughout much of it) Ghostship quest added North...
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4.1 Lost Journals
9/1/2019 v4.1 Lost Journals New Features: New questline in ghost town. Balancing: Increased ap cost of tier 2 weapon skills by 1. Increased ap cost of tier 3 we...
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4.0.2 Icons and Stability
8/11/2019 v4.0.2 Icons and Stability New Features: Added new icons for many skills and states. Balancing: Increased strength of first 3 tiers of Golem Dungeon...
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Multiple Updates
8/5/2019 v4.0.1 Balancing New Features: New quest added in waypoint area after 5 waypoints. All buildings in Red Temple can now be entered. Additional floor add...
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