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Embark on a semi-open 30+ hour RPG full of dark atmosphere, customization, and difficult combat. Inspired by games like Dark Souls and 1980s Dragon Warrior, prepare to die... a lot. This game is not for the faint of heart.

Multiple years went into the making of this game, and multiple more will go into it. The Wooden Ocean is fully complete but will receive free updates at least once a month until the end of April 2017. (then it will become seasonal or monthly until April 2018 and then yearly after that) The next update, The Island of Sand, will come in December with sailing, ship building, and 3 new areas.

v1.3.1 patch notes

New Features:
The war has begun. Enemy Tech Levels are now in the game.
(All enemies, bosses included, will now slowly level up over time.
Killing certain bosses, destroying newly placed pentagrams, and improving your town/research/assigning police officers will lower their tech rate.
Future content will allow quests that actually lower their tech altogether)
25 rescuable ghosts now placed throughout the game.
12 soul generating pentagrams placed throughout the game.
A new weapon type, spear, is now in the game with it's own techniques.
All 7 weapon types now have a tier 5 ultimate move with half the warmup time and cost.

Tier 4 MP costs reduced by 20.
Tier 3 and 4 cooldowns reduced by 5.
Tier 5 magic warmups reduced by 3.
+50 starting AP for all characters including Ghost and Golem.
10% decrease in all enemy stats (except for starting enemies) to adjust for new enemy tech leveling system.
Reduced EXP of almost all monsters in the game by 10-25%.
Increased EXP for most bosses by 25-50%.
Philistine now lowers Magic Stat by 25% instead of 50%.
Normal mode gives 1 enemy tech level.
Hard mode gives 5 enemy tech levels and 50% increased research rate.
Nightmare mode gives 10 enemy tech levels and 100% increased research rate.
(previous saves will start at 3, 7, and 11 tech level)
20 is currently the max enemy tech level, and based on difficulty, will require 72-200 hours of play time, assuming you don't interfere with their research at all.
All difficulties now only remove gold by 10% on death.
Loot past all sewers doors increased by 1 tier.
20% more encounters added to East Katis.
10% more encounters addded to Wooden Ocean.

Ghost Town:
Musician now shows up at town level 3 instead of 5.
Economy now greatly affected by store level.
Police now lower economy by 1 per officer.
Lowered overall gold generated by 50%.
Lowered bank interest rate by half.
Doubled construction time for mining.
Increased research time by 33%.
Increased town construction time by 33%.
Due to the rescuables ghosts, population rate decreased by 33%.
Increased worker capacity for all fields.
Ship building house is in game, but no ship building till December.
Spears added to shop.
Town stats added to save/load screen.

Increased chance to find Gold by another 10%.
Increased gold in tier 3-5 by 10-20%.
Lowered enemy droprate by an additional 10%.
37 Spears are now in the random loot tables.
Heavily adjusted tier 3 and elite 1 chest droprates.

Game is now 2% brighter. (except at enemy tech level 15+)
Removed sprite graphics for Ghost and Golem.
Fixed multiple facesets, grammar, pathing, scene, and game over issues.

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Published82 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, Dark, rpg, rpg-maker, wooden-ocean
LicenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average durationAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers
Player countSingleplayer


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