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At the physical edge of a flat world, where no sunlight ever reaches, you must find your brother. But nothing is what it seems, including yourself.

With over 600 Spells and Skills, The Wooden Ocean offers hundreds of viable builds for you to play with.

Want a Greatsword Paladin? No problem.

How about a Staff using Tank? Got that covered.

What about an Archer that knows Radiation? Done, and done.

Anyone can equip any weapon, anyone can equip any armor, and anyone can learn any skill. How you build your team is entirely up to you.

There are monsters. Tons of monsters. Over half a thousand different monsters. And they use the same skills as you. In fact, they use more. So prepare for the worse, and then some.

And did I mention they level up over time? No, they don't level up with you. They level up over time. They get stronger on their own terms. The monsters are controlled by an unknown force, one that is slowly gathering power. So find where they're gathering this power, and slow or even reverse their progress. 

But don't worry, there are 3 different difficulties at the start. So you can have plenty of time to read the hundreds of books, talk to the hundreds of NPCs, and solve the dozens of puzzles scattered throughout the game. There is no rush. Well, not until a town gets attacked and becomes permanently destroyed if you don't save it in time.

Speaking of towns, take control of one yourself, and put its ghost citizens to work. Assign them as Miners, Construction Workers, Scientists, Police Officers, Soldiers, Ship Builders, and even Golem Engineers. It's all up to you.

And as this town slowly develops in population, find even more ghosts throughout the World to add to your city. But look closely, as some are harder to find than others.

Yes, you heard right, Free DLC. No microtransactions or expensive expansions for you to buy after you've already bought the game. Just free updates. Updates that will continue on through Early Access and even after its launch.

Good luck, and don't die too much.

(a free version is available below with half the side areas and only one difficulty)


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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