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Embark on an open dungeon crawler full of dark atmosphere, customization, and difficult combat. Inspired by games like Dark Souls and 1980s Dragon Warrior, prepare to die... a lot. This game is not for the faint of heart.

Multiple years went into the making of this game, and multiple more will go into it. The Wooden Ocean is fully complete but will receive free updates at least once a month until the end of April 2017. (then it will become seasonal or monthly until April 2018 and then yearly after that) The next update, Ghost Road, will come in March with new areas and more story.


35+ hours of gameplay

400+ Spells and Techniques

750+ Weapons and Armor

In-depth combat

Fully Connected World

Town Building

3 Difficulties


v1.5.1 February Update

New Features:

3rd accessory slot.

Ghost potions are now at your Ghost Store for an optional party member.

Enemy psychology. (Enemies will now move away from you based on your level, their tech, and their zone. There will be more factors in the future)

5 new Puzzles added. (Island of Sand, Plasmic Depth, Lightning Cave, Devil Harp, and The Library)

25 more weapons and armor added to game and loot tables.

Enemy tech can now go up to 50.


Slighty increased or lowered dropped gold for most enemies.

Increased enemy tech rate by 25%. (due to 3rd accessory)

Increased last boss stats by 15%.

Lowered Demon doors stats by 10%. (except HP which got a slight buff)

Almost all enemies will now respawn when killed. (was previously half)

Lowered mining speed by 10%.

Reduced cooldown on Sword, Archery, Dagger, and Spear skills by 20%.

Increased cooldown on low cooldown spells. (they're still lower than normal)


Unlocked doors will now show what key unlocked it.

One ladder change for a Cave to Sewer route due to locational realism.

Added an additional entrance to the Hunter's Guild.

1 demon door added to Mezra Temple.

1 custom song added to Lightning Cave.

1 custom song added to Plasmic Depth and Title Screen


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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