Multiple Updates

v4.0.1 Balancing

New Features:
New quest added in waypoint area after 5 waypoints.
All buildings in Red Temple can now be entered.
Additional floor added to Bronze Temple.

Doubled base stats of all party members.
Slightly increased growth rate of all stats.
Increased mid to late exp rate by 10-20%.
Increased exp bonus for poetry of bloods.
Slightly lowered enemy health on tech levels 1-25.
Lowered difficulty of golem dungeon by 20%.
Increased weapon and armor drop rates on most enemies.

Fixed negative effects of poetry of bloods.
Fixed some minor text issues.

v4.0 Year 4

New Features:
Sail to a new location in the South West that will test your
golem's capabilities.

Increased party member health gains from leveling by 25%.
Significantly lowered enemy stats on tech levels 1-20.
Slightly lowered enemy stats on tech levels 21-25.
Slightly lowered stats on Wooden Ocean and Sewer enemies.
Slightly increased mid to late exp rate by another 1-2%.
Thread magic is now the only magic that bypasses protection.
Luck protects against thread magic even further.
Level now also protects against thread magic.
Rolling no longer causes knockdown.
Doubled evasion and magic evasion of side step.
Increased counter chance of side step from +10% to +50%.

Fixed the script that was causing the permastate bug. (all new playthroughs created within the last 6 updates require a new playthrough for this to properly take effect)

v3.3.5 Hotfix

New Features:
50 new enemies added mid to late game.

Increased base hp of main party by 5.
Increased mid to late exp rate by 1-2%.
Increased game brightness by 1-2%.

Fixed permanent states not staying permanent.

v3.3.4 Hotfix

New Features:
Most party members can now side step.
Most party members can now roll.

Guard now grants +25% gravity resistance.
Defend now grants +30% gravity resistance.

Fixed Temple of Hate

v3.3.3 Dungeon Improvement

New Features:
Completely remade the 18 3d dungeons. (while
they're no longer 3d, they have been completely redesigned)
Enemies killed out in the world now slowly reduce
enemy tech rate. (reduces more if they run at you, or are bosses/specific events) Improved town attack formula. (every enemy level
up now weakens overall town defense, making all
playthroughs, regardless of skill level, able to experience this feature)
7 Security Doors are now in. (these doors each
require x tech level and a divine tower signal
in order to be opened)
AP Souls are now in. (these items, currently
found in security rooms, Bronze Temple, and
Red Temple, give +1ap to a selected party member)
Added 5 more accessories to the game.

Increased starting town defense.
Halved enemy tech factor into enemy determinatonn. (this only applies to the arena and some areas)
Halved starting art gallery rate.
Lowered starting happinesss rate by 33%.
Halved rising happiness rate needed for growth.
Family Ring now also grants +10% mana.
Buffed static MP bonus on most robes by 10-150%.
Lowered Health and Mana penalties from Coral Veins.
Increased base stats for Crest of the Prophet.

Fixed Judgement battle.
Fixed Poetry of Blood debuffs.
Fixed questlogs for new hunting contracts.

v3.3.2 Hotfix

Fixed construction modifier bug.
Fixed Rooftop Garden passability.
Introduced 4 prototype card graphics.

v3.3.1 Town Improvement

Added a Motel to the Ghost Town. (shows up at town level 3, and provides economy based on average happiness and art level)
Added an Art Gallery to the Ghost Town. (shows up at
town level 4, and is used to permanently increase your town's art level and happiness)
Musician now gives +1 art level.

Increased happiness from town level by 66%.
Increased happiness from tech level by 50%.
Increased happiness from store level by 50%.

Fixed loading in bug for lights and ceilings. (to
protect from a new bug, the game currently doesn't fade out while loading or saving)
Fixed Eastern Psuedo Hell savepoint.
Fixed some rakenzie cards.
Fixed some text.


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