3.3 Lost Hunters

v3.3 Lost Hunters

New Features:
Brought back original battle backgrounds. (they're
more stable than before, but still need more testing)
Added 5 more hunting contracts for Hunter's Guild.
Finished monster quest in Lampless.
Added Black Market for Lampless. (no features yet)
Small ghost bar added to Island of Sand. (will
feature a quest or two in the future)
Town economy now affects town happiness.
Store level now affects town happiness.
Zero happiness now increases crime by town's total population.
Town happiness is now divided by total population.
+10% to all stats for a certain character after
chapter 5. (there is no notifcation for this atm)

Lowered starting population requirement by 90%. (this only applies to new playthroughs)
Lowered population growth rate by 66%.
Medium pace mining penalty increased from 1 to 2.
Fast paced mining penalty increased from 2 to 5.
Slightly weakened enemy breath attacks.
Slightly lowered spirit on all fates.
Counter now grants an additional +10% evasion.
Remorse now also grants +25% damage reduction.
Increased taunting on Remorse from 200% to 300%.
Increased cooldown of Spear Fortress from 12 to 16.
Doubled Apathy's side effects.
Increased strength of Carbon walls by 1 tier.
Reduced mana cost of Chemo from 10 to 4.
Reduced mana cost of Mass Chemo from 120 to 20.

Map is now zoomed out.
Fixed Divine Underground savepoint.
Fixed Blueheart savepoint.

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