3.2.7 and 3.2.8

v3.2.8 Stability and Balancing

New Features:
Black backgrounds for all battles. (this fixes the random
crashing at the start of random battles. Future updates
will slowly bring backgrounds for each area)
Brought back the options menu.

Lowered most enemy stats by 1-4% on tech levels 1-50.
Lowered most enemy stats by 3-5% on tech level 1-20.
+150% exp to pentagram fights.
Weakened East Katis pentagram fight.
Lowered spirit of Treants and Dire Treants by 10%.
Lowered attack and dexterity of Assassins by 20%.
Lowered attack of Royal Assasins by 10%.
Halved health regen of Holy Ghosts and Electric Souls.
Lowered exp and gold for Librarian by 25%.
Bloodlust now also costs 65 stamina.
Apathy now also reduces healing received.
Counter now also grants +20% evasion.
Remorse now also grants +30% spirit.
Weakened all zombie belts.
Jester ring no longer provides a dexterity percentage.
Jester ring now grants +10% taunt.

Fixed multiple save points.
The Edge is slightly less laggy. (this place will be
split into a North and South soon)
Fixed stability after leaving waypoints.
Fixed a potential bug in newest quest.
Pentagram fights now have boss music.

v3.2.7 Stability

New Features:
New quest added East of Katis.

+1 duration to Ice walls.
+1 duration to Earth walls.
+2 duration to Metal walls.
+1 duration to Carbon walls.
Weakened Carbon walls. (first tier now 10% instead of 20%)
Carbon walls now also grant additional healing received.

Compressed all enemy graphics for improved stability and file size.
Relocated a script for improved battle stability. (this may have been
the culpirt for the random crashing)
Fixed Poetry of Blood exp bonus. (was giving less than intended)


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