3.2.5 and 3.2.6

v3.2.6 Stability and Balancing

New Features:
New save system is now in. (this gets rid of the save crashing.
Slot is chosen at start of game. Old saves will automatically save onto the first slot. System is still being worked on, so it can be strange on loading in. Just leave an area and come back to fix things. If stuck, use the Early Access key item to teleport back to the start of the game)
Battle Camera is back. (This script was not the source of the random
crashing before battles. Still investigating what is. Might have
something to do with player movement. 3d dungeons still randomly crash before and after battle. If not resolved soon, 3d dungeons will lose their 3d)

Lowered enemy attack and magic on tech levels below 60. (Change
is 1% to 25%. The lower the level, the more the reduction)
All party members, except Golem and Ghost Ship, got +10% evasion.
Significantly weakened Spider and Cursed Plant.
Slightly weakened other chapter 1 enemies.
Slightly increased exp gained in later levels.
Slightly increased odds of running from battle.
Family Ring now gives +1 to multiple stats.

Added more town info to billboard in Ghost Town.

v3.2.5 Hotfix

New Features:
Put save script back in. (WARNING: Save only in the top slot. A one slot autosave system may be introduced in order to fix the save crashing)

Removed battle camera for improved stability. (if battles
still crash 1% of the time while loading up, let me know)

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