3.2.3 Stability

v3.2.3 Stability

New Features:
A new teleporting item, Early Access Only, is now in your
inventory. (use it only if you are stuck, and notify me if it had to be used)
Improved AI on more enemies.
Implemented size stats on more enemies.

Lowered damage on bombs by 20-25%.
Lowered stats on intricate items by 10-20%.
Slightly buffed stats on 3d dungeon items.
2000 cast speed granted to prepare skills.
Prepare Carbon no longer halves mana cost.
Prepare Carbon now doubles healing received.
Lowered town defense on all difficulties by 2-8.
Lead Armor now protects against radiation status effects.
(the higher the quality, the higher tier that's protected)

Removed options script for better stability. (this may come back)
Removed a screen resize script for better stability.
Gameovers now occur on scripted fights. (Mercy is fully gone)
Renamed prepare skills.
Gave prepare skills status icons.
Fixed AP cost of philistine skills.


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Feb 16, 2019

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