3.2.1 Improved AI part I

v3.2.1 Improved AI part I

New Features:
Redesigned AP system. (ap is now only gained via leveling up. A
new playthrough is suggested, but not required)
Each element gained a default charging skill. (charging spells
increases two stats, accuracy, a resistance, and lowers mana cost.
requires a new playthrough for them to show up)
Improved AI for half the enemies. (other half will be improved next month)
Spirit now affects recovery.
Magic now affects mana regen.

Doubled mana cost of all spells.
Most staff skills now cost MP.
Tripled enemy tech cost. (this gives you plenty of time to do things)
Lowered town defense on all difficulties by 10. (romantic was 8)
Increased enemy health and defense by 15-60%.
Increased health, attack, and defense of most larger graphic enemies by
12 to 50%. (downgraded their ai to compensate, as well as increased exp)
All raged enemies now have a chance to do a normal attack.
All players gained +10% stamina regen.
Dexterity now gives far less stamina regen.
Lowered knockdown rate on daggers, spears, 1h swords, and bows.
Increased knockdown rate on greatswords and maces.
More physical attacks are now able to knockdown.
Increased accuracy for all party members (except ghostship) by 30%.
Increased boss exp by 25%.
Increased starting exp rate by 10%.
exp gained is now tied to your level. (the higher your level, the less exp you get. Expect significantly slower leveling. Max level is still 999)
Guard, Sword's Defend, and Spear's Counter skill, now give a hidden +10% accuracy for 2 turns.
Buffed Life Needle by 50%.

Reorganized scripts for better stability.
Removed new item script for better stability. (may come back)
Removed two unused scripts for better performance and stability.


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