3.2 Frozen Ocean

v3.2 Frozen Ocean

New Features:
Current health now affects accuracy, evasion, magic evasion, counter,
taunt, and critical chance. (this applies to enemies as well)
Current stamina now affects evasion, magic evasion, and counter.
18 unique accessories added for the previous new dungeons.

Buffed enemy HP by 5-15%.
Buffed enemy defense by 3-9%.
+10% evasion to all party members except golem and ghost ship.
+20% accuracy to all party members except ghost ship. (this
accuracy buff is temporary until weapon accuracy is implemented)
Buffed angry monster from +35% to +50%.
Angry monster now heals 10% hp.
Knockdown now lowers 50% attack and defense instead of 10%.
Knockdown now lowers 75% dexterity instead of 25%.
Knockdown taunt reduced from 75% to 50%.
Tripled the taunt skills of 1h swords and spears.

Removed save confirmation script for better stability.
Improved stability for 3d dungeons. (may still be unstable
for slower computers)
Fixed exiting crystal for 3d dungeons.
Fixed Forgotten Horror dungeon.


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Jan 04, 2019

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