3.1.2 Number Reduction

v3.1.2 Number Reduction

Frozen Ocean and AP Island are somewhat open. (both of these areas are massive, but currently have little to no fights, zero dungeons, and almost no rewards. Looking for feedback on lag and size per map)
An auto-battle accessory is now in the Ghost Store. (it
may use tier 0 skills you don't have, which is fine for now)
100+ enemies can now drop candy. (this is extremely rare)
25+ enemies can now drop card packages. (this is rare)
15 new armors added as enemy drops.

Reduced player's base stats by 80%.
Reduced enemy stats by 75%.
Tripled stamina regen from dexterity.
Bombs and potions reduced by 75%.
Reduced luck damage of Thread by 75%.
Reduced staff's mana spells by 75%.
Reduced static equipment stats by 50-66%. (intricate
weapons only received a 25% reduction)
Card ghost encounters are now 40% more powerful.
Improved rare item drop rate for tier 0 enemies by 33%.

Fixed reward on step 2 of the ghost bar.
Stopped player from re-entering a certain basement.
Stopped a Red Temple scene from replaying itself.
Stopped golem greatswords from only giving 1h skills.
68W1O logo is now skippable.


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Oct 21, 2018

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