3.1 Red Temple

v3.1 Red Temple

New Features:
Chapter 5 is now open.
Yamen Field is now open.
Romantic diffculty added.
Infinite Nightmare difficulty added.
54 new spells added.
Tier 5 bombs at store level 10.
Increased max enemy tech from 70 to 120.
1 new Poetry of Blood added.
22 new books added throughout the game.

Slowed enemy tech by 5%.
Soldiers grant less military on easier modes.
Soldiers grant more military on harder modes.
Lowered encounter strength on mining camp attack from 80 to 70.
Enemy town attacks are now slightly random for each playthrough.
Unknown Force is now +30% Magic and Spirit.
Reduced Damage Reduction of Fortress from 65 to 50.
Reduced Defense of Fortress from 50% to 25%.
Increased cooldown of Fortress from 12 to 15.
Replaced Inspired with a new skill; Divine Fortress.
Smoke duration reduced from 10 to 5.
Smoke cooldown increased from 8 to 20.
Smoke now grants +10% evasion.
Nether Armor spellhaste cut in half.
Nether Armor mana penalty removed.
Redesigned Balance and Perfect Balance.
Redesigned all difficulties.
Buffed tier 2 sea monsters by 10%.

Improved prologue forestry.
Improved Katis bridge.
Centered Rakenzie screen.
Improved Succubus quest.
Slowed camera zoom speed by 10%.


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Sep 09, 2018

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