3.0.4 Balancing


v3.0.4 Balancing

New Features:
1 new quest added in Katis Mining Camp.
1 new quest added in Wooden Edge.
1 new quest added in Tower of Reason.
1 new quest added in Lampless.

Doubled EXP bonus from poetry of bloods.
Lowered enemy town attack strength by half.
Enemy town attack strength can not go below 25%.
Increased enemy tech cost by 10%.
Increased boss EXP by 5%.
Redesigned offensive metal magic to be defense stat only.
Buffed luck as a defense against thread magic by 50%.
Buffed thread super DoT by 33%.
Redesigned and buffed all basic attack skills.
Buffed attack growth rate. (this is significant)
Buffed defense stat in mace formulas by 20%.
All mace skills now use some defense.
Mace's slams now have a high chance to knockdown.
Mace's strike legs now has an extreme chance to knockdown.
Mace's strike chest silence reduced to 25%.
Mace's strike chest stamina cost reduced from 65 to 25.
Mace's strike chest cooldown increased from 6 to 15.
Silence reduced from 5 turns to 3.
Sternum stun chance reduced to 50%.
Sternum cooldown increased from 4 to 12.
Guarding now grants 20 stamina instead of 10.
Lowered multiplicative cost of mining by 2%.
Cancellous Plating now lowers dexterity by 25%.
Enraged enemies now have 25% stun resistance.
Lowered luck aspect of bombs by 25%.
Buffed stoic scythes by 15%.
Increased attack stat of most spears by 10-20%.
Increased attack stat of intricate weapons by 25%.
Lowered stats on star pendant and star badge by 33%.
Lowered Jester Ring's dexterity from 10 to 5.
Slightly weakened lower tier Poetry of Bloods.
Increased power level of card ghosts by 20%.
Halved alchemist reward potions.

Improved Hollows Arena aesthetics.
Fast battle messages are now up an additional 15 frames.
Fixed a few saves that were extremely slow to load.


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Jul 12, 2018

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