3.0.3 Balancing

(Yamen farm is currently being revamped, so don't report any issues from that area)

v3.0.3 Balancing

New Features:
6 more armors added to blacksmith.

Significantly buffed Gravity magic.
Untapped Potential no longer confuses.
Untapped Potential now lowers stats by 10%.
Empower now lowers health regen by 10%. (was 5%)
Buffed Reap and Rapture by 10%.
Increased Spiritual Frequency by 33%.
Increased base attack strength of heroes past level 10.
Increased enemy tech cost by 10%.
Enemy tech level ups now increase enemy tech rate by 10.
Slightly weakened chapter 1 enemies.
Increased gold dropped for tier 2 enemies and some tier 3.
Lowered enemy town attack strength by 40%.
Lowered Book of Hate from +40% to +35%.
Increased healing penalty of Book of Hate from 25% to 35%.

Stopped fading in from happening at times it shouldn't.
Fixed Healing Calm.
Fixed Mass Paralysis.
Fixed Harvest.
Skipping chapter 1 now increases enemy tech rate accordingly.
Slightly improved some early game dialogue.
Updated some early game books.
Changed game over music.
Shortened game over by 3 seconds.


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Jun 29, 2018

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