Year 3 Update

After 2 years of updates, year 3 is now here. It brings a complete graphics overhaul, a late game blacksmith, 13 card ghosts to fight or play cards against, 5 enemy bases to attack with your ghost ship, numerous balances, and the last two elements. Next update will be in September.

v3.0 Year 3
New Features:
Graphic alterations for most enemies, tilesets, and animations.
Expanded game resolution. (this may cause lag on slower computers)
Blacksmith at town level 6. (the blacksmith brings 138 end game
equipment that can only be crafted by him)
5 Enemy Bases to attack. (Naval only until 2019)
Metal and Psychic elements are now in.
Carbon, Thread, Gravity, and Radiation Cores for Golem.
Card ghosts, a powerful boss encounter that can be beaten normally or via cards, are now in each poetry of blood protecting a secret treasure room. (each room has a unique weapon)
Removed the default attack button from the game. (it is now a skill like everything else. Each weapon has its own variation)
Increased max enemy tech level from 60 to 70.
Loot Tables Expanded by 1 tier.
Realism shards added to loot tables.
Ghost Town Store max level increased from 8 to 12. (the higher
the level, the cheaper the realism shards)
Over 20 bosses now drop stat increasing candy.
Partially added an arena to Red Temple.
Crime and Economy now affect your bank's interest rate.

Lowered selling rate for all items and equipment from 50% to 25%.
Philistine skills now cost a small amount of mana.
Golem now starts off with a mana skill from each weapon.
Lowered stat boosts from elements. (too much focus was on the
stats they gave, instead of the skills they brought)
Redesigned gravity to give +25% taunt.
First town attack on normal at 27 enemy tech.
First town attack on hard at 35 enemy tech.
First town attack on nightmare at 45 enemy tech.
Increased experiance gained from poetry of blood.
Destroying pentagrams now secretly reduces enemy tech by 1.
Doubled starting enemy tech rate for all difficulties.
Every 5 population = +1 military force. (was every 10 pop)
Every town level = +3 military force. (was +1)
Every tech level = +2 military force. (was +1)
Every soldier = +5 military force. (was +2)
Every crime = -1 military force.
One unemployment will never cause crime. (so 3 unemployment,
will only give 2 crime)
Lowered offensive stats of prologue enemies by 10-20%.
Increased difficulty for tier 2, 3, and 4 card statues.
Removed +1 reward for a 3 win streak with cards.
Enemy poison damage now does 10% health and 25% magic DoT.
Enemy toxic damage now does 10% health and 75% magic DoT.
Increased Stamina Drain and Mana Stop from 10% to 20%.
All card drops now have a 10% chance to grant a better tier.
Paralyze effectiveness cut in half.
Doubled cooldown to Paralyze and Cheapshot.
Half Life is now Third Life.
Quarter Life is now Half life.
Buffed Mace skills by 10%.
Buffed Island of Sand bosses by 30%.
Buffed Old Arena bosses by 10-20%.
Buffed Chapter 3 boss by 5%.
Lowered Red and Blue Crystal Rings from +50% to +35%.
Lowered Green Crystal Ring from +75% to +50%.
Halved cost of Red, Blue, and Green Crystal Rings.
Halved attack bonus of Demon Wings.
Halved mana and spell haste of Apocalypse Ring.
-10 spirit on Apocalypse Ring.
Improved Book of Hate healing received from -50% to -25%.
Lowered Book of Hate from +50% to +40%.
Lowered Book of Love from +25% to +20%.
Lowered Infinite Mana from +125% to +75%.
Lowered Ancient Mana from +150% to +100%.
Lowered Ancient items from +75% to +50%.
Lowered Expensive Luck from +50 to +25.
Lowered Star Badge and Pendant from +35% to +25%.
Increased Jester Ring dexterity from +10% to +15%.
Lowered Jester Ring counter from +10% to +7%.
Lowered static damage of small to large bombs by 25%.
Increased static damage of giant bombs from 1600 to 1800.
Increased static damage of king bombs from 3200 to 3600.
Increased puppet ring from +20% to +30%.
Increased gold puppet ring from +25% to +35%.
Skipping Chapter 1 now increases enemy tech by 5. (nightmare
increases it by 7)

Improved transistions in Wooden Ocean area.
Redesigned element selection for better fps.
Less random battles at sea.
Fixed bug involving evasion.
Fixed bug involving physical and magical damage reduction.
Fixed bug involving new ghost potions.
Fixed last rock in mining area.
Fixed gameover bug on glutton boss.
Fixed Carbon Armor.
Fixed Violent Heavy Slam.

Good luck, and don't die too much.


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Jun 03, 2018

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