Wooden Road

The December update, Wooden Road, is now up. Work on the next update, Dead Candy, begins next week after I get a small guide of the game posted up this coming Sunday. Anyways, onto the patch notes...

v2.2 Wooden Road

New Features:
Wooden Road is now open. (this giant Eastern area doubles the forestry of 
the game)
Wooden Edge, a new town at the end of Wooden Road, is now in the game.
Red Temple, a new town located in the South East via sailing, is somewhat
in the game. (most of its functions won't be accessible until March)
Demonic Shards now have a purpose due to Red Temple's town mechanic.
13 mini-dungeons added throughout the game.
1 quest added in top floor of deep catacombs.
3 quests added elsewhere.
5 puzzles added.

(Warning, the game is now much harder on new saves. Prepare yourself)
Increased starting enemy tech on Normal from 5 to 10.
Increased starting enemy tech on Hard from 10 to 20.
Increased starting enemy tech on Nightmare from 20 to 30.
Enemies tech 20% faster now.
Significantly improved and rebalanced stats from starting elements.
Lowered DoT damage from radiation spells by 20%.
Halved critical rate gained from luck.
Luck now increases chance to inflict/resist negative status effects.
(every 5 luck = 1% increased/decreased)
Increased natural healing outside of combat.
Increased stats to last boss due to lore.
Increased stats to super bosses.

Sailing or scrolling Southward on a map now brightens the screen the 
further you go.
Improved gameover screen. (intentionally still slow, but may change in
the future)
Fixed an employee assignment bug in your barracks.
Fixed a teleportation bug in the Infinite Hotel.
Fixed and improved various minor bugs and details.


TheWoodenOcean.exe 576 MB
Dec 25, 2017
TheWoodenOceanFree.exe 576 MB
Dec 25, 2017

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