4.2 Makeover

v4.2 Makeover

New Features:
Improved color palette. (the game now has more blue, purple,
and teal throughout much of it)
Ghostship quest added North of Lazik city.
Redid Jahan quest with new dialogue and reward.
Redid all of Captain Reins dialogue.
Redid Northern Katis guard scene.
Expanded The Hollows to have a small basement area.
Expanded The Hollows to have a new bar. (killing enemies and completing the new ghostship quest will attract customers to the bar, offering rewards when you do)
Slightly expanded Katis Barracks for realism purposes.
5 new PoBs added to Frozen Ocean. (at the moment, this
giant area is still rather barren)
Created some new boss music. (this is still being worked on)
Created new music for a section of the Water Temple.

Increased enemy tech rate on Nightmare from 2500 to 3000.
Increased enemy tech rate on Infinite Nightmare from 5000 to 9000. (may god have mercy on my soul)

Added a few more soldier NPCs in Northern Katis.
Added more NPCs in the Hollows.
Added some new NPCs that only show up after a new quest.
Slightly reduced size of Psuedo Hell Temple. (the place
was a bit too confusing)
Late game enemies are now harder to run from.
Game now keeps track of AP souls used. (there will be a
skill respecing in the future, so all ap souls used from this point forward will have their ap accounted for)


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