v2.1.1 Hotfix and Plan for Next Update

As you can see from that screen shot, Wooden Road is going to be a massive expansion of forestry.  It will essentially double the giant forestry already in game, as well as provide two more elements on top of that. Storyline however, will take a back seat. That will be saved for March and June 2018.

Also, there were some bugs, so I figured it would be best to fix em now. Unless something is severely broken, don't expect any more updates until December.

v2.1.1 hotfix
New Features:
Game now starts in fullscreen. (supposedly, this can cause
problems with some old computers. Let me know in the comments 
if you run into any issues)
About a dozen old enemies can now use the new abilities.
+20 weapons and armor. (these items are currently only found 
in the basic Temple of Bronze store)
Improved damage from Gravity Spells.
Increased Scythe's Sentence from 20% to 25%.
Increased Dagger's Contemplate from 35% to 50%.
Lowered the benefit and drawback of Philistine by 5%.
Staff shields were incorrectly giving 5 stamina to 
Fixed a bug involving Academy upgrades being free.
Fixed a bug involving the Ghostship displaying the
wrong graphics.
Fixed a bug that stopped the Goblin Quest from
being turned in.
Contemplate will no longer damage the user.
Wind spells will now properly crit.


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Sep 24, 2017
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Sep 24, 2017

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